A New E-Book on Mobile Game Trends in 2022 by Unity

Unity has created a new e-book that will teach you about the biggest changes in mobile game development.

The mobile games market continues to rise and to help developers understand it a little better and find their place in it, the Unity team has written a new e-book that will teach you about the biggest changes in mobile game development and how you can use them to your advantage. Understanding the latest trends in mobile gaming will help you make the right decisions about what types of games to develop, the audiences you’ll target, and which marketing and monetization strategies to adopt. 

This book digs into the top six trends that are shaping the mobile game market, now and into the future, and explains what developers should do with these trends to make their games win:

  • Mobile is the fastest-growing segment in gaming.
  • Players expect AAA-quality experiences on all their devices.
  • Players want a more connected experience.
  • Studios are refining genre strategies and monetization practices.
  • Crossplay and spin-offs are driving stronger branding.
  • Privacy concerns are complicating monetization tactics.

"This guide integrates the Unity team’s years of experience helping our customers launch thousands of successful games," comments the team. "Paired with the latest market research, it provides a snapshot of the mobile gaming market. We created it to give you a sense of the latest trends, the opportunities these changes create, and how Unity solutions can help you meet development challenges and expand your user base."

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    Players expect AAA-quality experiences on all their devices, so choose Unreal


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