A New UE5-Powered Shooter in a Futuristic City With Fortnite Vibes

Check out Nounishpunk, an upcoming third-person shooter with stylized graphics being created by Genius Slackers.

Indie game development studio Genius Slackers has recently announced Nounishpunk, a fun third-person action shooter with platformer elements set in a stylized futuristic place known as Nounish World.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the game boasts an unusual and wacky visual style and captivating gameplay, tasking you to play as an unconventional skateboard-riding hero and fight rebel forces that threaten the entire world with their robotic army. According to the devs, the game is set to feature around 10 to 15 hours worth of content, including one hour of playable and non-playable cutscenes.

"Nounishpunk thrusts players into a comedy action-adventure as they step into the shoes of a heroic figure," comments the team. "In a fantastical realm known as Nounish World, rebel forces have unleashed their wacky robots, threatening the very essence of their planets. As the chosen hero, your ultimate mission is to stand against these rebels, demolish their robotic enforcers, and restore order to the Nounish planets."

Image Credit: Genius Slackers, Nounishpunk


  • Riding a motor skateboard as the primary mode of transportation throughout the game world.
  • Fast-paced action with a captivating futurism art style.
  • Infused with engaging comedy elements.

Image Credit: Genius Slackers, Nounishpunk

And here are some awesome demos for Nounishpunk shared by the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Genius Slackers Arash Negahban:

At the moment, the game doesn't have a concrete release date. You can learn more and wishlist Nounishpunk on Steam.

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