Adventure Creator: Making an Adventure Game from Sketches

ICEBOX Studios has presented its updated toolkit for artists, designers, and indie developers. 

Adventure Creator is a time-savvy toolkit that includes all the tools, documentation, and tutorials to allow creating an adventure game without coding and implementing additional technical tools.

"Designed for developers of all backgrounds, its visual-scripting interface, and intuitive design keep it artist-friendly - but its powerful event system and documented API has it cater to seasoned programmers too.", adds the ICEBOX Studios team.

The following projects were developed with Adventure Creator: HAROLD HALIBUT, Yes, Your Grace, Little Misfortune, etc. 

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Core Features:

  • The toolkit provides an intuitive workflow that's accessible to Unity newcomers and professionals alike. By importing your graphics and animation, you can have a playable game quickly.
  • Coding is optional. You may use the robust, artist-friendly ActionList system to build puzzles, interactions, and cutscenes visually, choose from over a hundred Action types - each geared towards adventure game development - or write and plug in your own.
  • Designed specifically for traditional adventure games, putting together the genre's trademarks: interactions, characters, inventory, dialogue, conversations, logic, etc.
  • The toolset allows creating games for PC, Mac, WebGL, as well as iOS and Android phones. 
  • Adventure Creator includes localization tools. All text and speech can be exported for translators, script sheets can be generated for voice actors, and each language can have its own audio and lipsync files.

To ease the onboarding process you can use the assistance of the developers of the toolset, check out advice on their forum, and view the demos

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