Ambient Lighting System for UE4
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positional constraints over time as a space-time optimization problem in the tangent space of the curves driving the animation controls. Their method has the key properties that it allows for the manipulation of positions and orientations over time.

very good

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Ambient Lighting System for UE4
7 February, 2019

Have a look at full ambient lighting system for Unreal which is basically a much cheaper alternative to point lights for ambient/bounce lighting.

This pack features a fully functional ambient/bounce lighting system which is as a cheap replacement for point lights, offering the same look. It is a nice cheap way for designers/artists to set up lighting for your environments and add some good ambient/bounce lighting using a system that is similar to regular point lights without some of the issues and performance costs.

  • Ambient Lights can overlap as many times as needed with zero additional performance costs.
  • Ambient Lights can be any size and effect extremely large areas or very heavily detailed areas with zero additional costs.
  • Ambient Lights are fully dynamic and can be updated in real time in a game.
  • Unlike point lights, the ambient lights will not create bright points in reflections.
  • Built-in tools allow designers to automatically replace point light actors with Ambient Lights, automatically copying all settings over.
  • Ambient Lights also support ambient occlusion and subsurface scattering.
  • Ambient lights properly occlude and only render while on screen.
  • Lights provide the ability to toggle to a lower quality light mode when far away, making the lights cost around half as much while in the distance.


  • Work with ambient lights exactly like you would point lights
  • Ambient Lights look nearly identical to regular point lights at a much cheaper cost
  • Lights offer High/Low-Quality settings, Low Quality cuts the cost nearly in half
  • A built-in tool that allows designers to replace regular point lights with ambient lights automatically

You can learn more here.

Get the pack for $19.99

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