Andersson Technologies Launched SynthEyes 2304

The new version introduces better solving and the ability to animate lens parameters.

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Andersson Technologies has released SynthEyes 2304 – the latest update to the 3D tracking and match moving app. It brings new “industry-standard” lens models in the solver and image preprocessor as well as improves lens modeling.

One of the biggest changes is the option to animate lens model parameters. They can be animated on specific keyframes, with linear interpolation in between. The solver optimizes the key values to produce the best solution on the keyframes considering all the intermediate frames as well.

New “anamorphic distance” solving was introduced to accommodate anamorphic lenses with different horizontal and vertical entrance pupil locations. "Anamorphic distance changes the basic perspective transform, addressing problems that cannot be corrected by any possible 2D lens distortion. SynthEyes can solve for the anamorphic distance and export compensated scenes with certain exporters."

Other changes to lens modeling include:

  • New Anamorphic Shots Guide.
  • New “Lens/True Field of View” script computes and displays the field of view and focal length of the original image itself (on the horizontal centerline), not the implicit undistorted image matching the solver results, or the output of the image preprocessor after lens workflow.
  • New "Focus" (distance) channel for cameras added to the Graph Editor. 
  • New “Metadata/Load focus channel from metadata” script to transfer animated “focus” data, or other available metadatum, into the focus channel. 
  • New “Metadata/Import focus channel from YAML” importer to load focus distance from a suitable .yml YAML file from the shoot.
  • New “Lens/Add distortion keys” script for an unsubtle way to set up animate-on-keys lens distortion parameters: it adds keys every N frames across the current playback range.
  • New “Sensor size” button on the lens panel, for displaying sensor size information (with a lot more information in the popup tooltip); clicking it opens the shot settings panel.
  • Solver and Image Preprocessor Focal Length spinners now reflect/change the SCALE parameter when a Fisheye lens type is active. 
  • Technical changes for accuracy and compatability with other apps. More accurate for proxy resolutions, field of view, and aspect ratio, especially at lower image resolutions. 

The solver got a new “Keep World Size” control for when direct expert manual control is desired. In addition, the introduced “Always slow” solving trouble mode always uses a slower but potentially more accurate algorithm instead of using it just to start. You can also now use Refine solving on single-frame shots in Constrain mode when there are sufficient locked points.

SynthEyes 2304 is available for $299 to $699. Find the full list of changes here and don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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