Asia VR&AR Fair Summit 2022 Announced

As a major powerhouse in VR/AR industry, China’s VR/AR summit is expected to achieve solid growth in 2022. 

VR&AR Fair 2022 will be sharing a show floor of 50,000 sq.m with AVE 2022 and
DDSE 2022, hosting the summit with more than 450 exhibitors. Among the participants, there are VR/AR Association, Heilongjiang VR Technology Society, and leading enterprises like HTC, Huawei, Netvios, Pico. 
Over 250 acclaimed exhibitors such as HTC, FuninVR, Leke VR, Empower Intelligent, Movie Power, Longcheng Electronics, Skyfun will showcase their latest offerings. 

The topics of the conference's sessions: 

  • VR/ARXR/MR Hardware, Technologies, Systems, Production Equipment, Parts, and Accessories.
  • VR/AR/XR/MR Solutions for entertainment, education, tourism, e-commerce, engineering and smart city.

It’s been stated that in 2020, China’s digital economy has reached the size of 39.2 trillion yuan. As an important component of the digital transformation, the digital display and showcase industry is bracing for high-speed growth and promising prospects.

DDSE 2022 will give an opportunity to all the participants to connect with over 250 acclaimed exhibitors such as FengYuZhu,  Crystal Culture & Museum Exhibition, Jiaoyang Culture & Tourism, Nightsun, March Rain, Jianye Display, Spark Interaction, Zhaolei Electronic, etc. These exhibitors will showcase their latest offerings.

You may check out the details of both events here and here

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