Bandai Created New Sounds for Nissan's Alert System

Nissan teamed up with Bandai Namco's sound engineers to make the alert signals of the new cars more pleasant to hear yet keep them effective.

Nissan's newest models (including Altima and Rogue) feature some pretty irritating alert sounds. This high-pitched beeping was a true nightmare for some of the drivers and Nissan decided to change the sounds with the help of Bandai's experts. The goal was to make sounds that would be informative without being annoying.

“In game development, Bandai Namco's sound creators develop sounds that simulate players' intuitive understanding. We collaborated to create sounds that can help drivers have a similar intuitive understanding,” commented Hiroyuki Suzuki, Nissan’s Lead Engineer for in-car information sound design.

So what Nissan wanted to do was to create sounds that would grab the driver's attention right away without stressing them out. Plus, the new alert signals had to be different in how urgent they sound depending on what they inform the driver about.

"Research has shown that urgency depends on the frequency of the sound, and that severity depends on the frequency itself,” says Miwa Nakamura, Nissan's Ergonomics Test Engineer.

If you watch the video you will notice the difference right away. The Key Alarm alert sounds more like a warning than the Headlights-Off Reminder signal does. And they both clearly inform you about something important but thankfully they do not sound anxiety-inducing anymore.

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