#Blocktober: A Look at WiP Blockouts Made For Halo Infinite

Kaleb Nekumanesh shared a behind-the-scenes look at Halo Infinite's level design.

To celebrate this year's Blocktober, an annual unofficial event dedicated to the fantastic work Level Artists do to make a game's environments playable and enjoyable, Senior Level Artist Kaleb Nekumanesh shared a behind-the-scenes look at 343 Industries' Halo Infinite. The creator shared several work-in-progress blackouts made for the game, specifically for its Fortune Squad mission, showing how the in-game level was slowly taking shape and form, how its points of interest were set up, and more. You can check the shots shared by the artist down below or by visiting Kaleb's Twitter page.

Several months ago, the artist also shared an in-depth ArtStation post dedicated to the topic, which provides a comprehensive overview of Kaleb's workflow and even includes a video offering a deep dive into the artist's personal process for designing Fortune Squad. You can find the post here.

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