Brushify: Creating a Lake Terrain in UE4
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positional constraints over time as a space-time optimization problem in the tangent space of the curves driving the animation controls. Their method has the key properties that it allows for the manipulation of positions and orientations over time.

very good

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Brushify: Creating a Lake Terrain in UE4
27 January, 2019

Learn how you can create a lake scene in Unreal Engine 4 using the procedural tools with this new guide by Joe Garth.

The artist shared another tutorial for UE4 & Brushify that he made recently. This time. he is rapidly creating a lake scene with different Brushify tools, showcasing just how fast you can work.

Basically, it gives a good insight into how to use the UE4 tools: not just rapid level design with Brushify, but also some general stuff.

Brushify: Forest Pack is now available on Unreal Marketplace. You can also support the artist on Patreon. Check out our interview with the artist here and there to learn more about Brushify.

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