CGCircuit for Teams: New Educational Platform for Studios and Schools

CGCircuit has developed a new learning platform that provides companies and schools with educational resources.

CGCircuit for Teams curates the highest-rated and most relevant courses from its overall marketplace of more than 300 courses constantly expanding. It offers content taught by industry experts with diverse experience, from around the world across new and valuable topics. Created especially for gaming and VFX Studios and Schools specializing in computer graphics, CGCircuit for Teams offers unlimited access to its library by choosing scalable and flexible subscription plans. 

You may learn more about CGCircuit for Teams here, and download the CGCircuit for Teams – Brochure with the full information about the subscription. Also, use the new features of CGCircuit:

Organizations can start with a minimum of 5 membership licenses and scale up as their requirements increase, then scale back down as needed. 

Schools and studios managers can easily manage licenses by adding, removing, or swapping licenses to different users.

CGCircuit for Teams subscription plans offer: 

  • Unlimited access to 250+ selected courses
  • Flexible, scalable pricing
  • Add and remove licenses at any time
  • Easily swap purchased licenses to different users
  • Access to Project Files
  • Notes and bookmark on content

CGCircuit For Schools & Institutions

CGCircuit has the vision to facilitate learning in game designing, VFX, and the animation industry. It aims to assist the traditional learning process across schools and institutions by addressing various issues and filling gaps with its unique learning solution.

Learning library one click away: Where traditional learning falls short, the online learning platform CGCircuit steps in. In the game and VFX industry, trends keep changing. Due to this, the availability of updated learning material can be quite challenging. To assist schools in providing the best and latest information to their students, CGCircuit for Teams presents a vast pool of resources. Including courses in Modeling, Fx, Animation, Rigging, Compositing, Look Development, Rendering, Scripting and Programming, and more. CGCircuit for Teams offers unlimited access to licensed users.

Learn from Industry experts: Many courses at CGCircuit for Teams are created by industry experts and veterans who have worked in the production of movies and games. Including this in a traditional course will help students learn better from real-world examples with every creator bringing in their own set of experiences. Users can also find different approaches to the same topic.

Suits every learning style: By including online learning in their traditional courses, schools and institutions can help students learn at their own pace. The wide range of courses at CGCircuit would fit the unique learning styles of every student at both beginners and advanced levels.

24x7 Access to content: Licensed users under CGCircuit for Teams can access and watch any tutorial video at any time they need.

Support Teachers: The ever-growing library of tutorials provides instructors with a way to stay up-to-date on the latest industry techniques and stay competitive in the field.

Prepare for the future: By combining the knowledge available in online learning platforms like CGCircuit with traditional learning, students can maximize their potential and prepare for the next step in their careers.

'One of the best ways to increase productivity in a game designing or VFX studio is skill development. With a team of highly skilled workforce who knows the latest software and tools, studios can increase their productivity rapidly. With industry-centered learning platforms like CGCircuit, studios, and businesses can focus on specific needs that are important to the business while empowering employees to learn and upskill in their unique ways.', says the CGCircuit team. 

How CGCircuit for Teams can help studios upskill and train their workforce

Expert Guidance: Creators at CGCircuit are industry experts and veterans who bring with them years of knowledge and experience. 

Laser-Focused Training: The online library has a vast collection of useful courses. Constantly expanding library contains a great and diverse variety of talent. Users can find different approaches to the same topic. 

Availability of Learning Material: The online learning platform includes all the latest software and tools.

A Platform Designed to Learn: The structure of the courses has been designed to be agile and easy to follow. The video player, different from traditional (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), will allow achieving a better learning experience.

You may learn more about CGCircuit for Teams and explore all contents here. Also, don't forget to check out the new features of CGCircuit:

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