Dialogue System for Unity

Pixel Crushers have published their new tool for adding interactive dialogues, barks, and quests to the projects.

Unity Asset Store has announced Black Friday with a 50% discount for several top-rated packages. Dialogue System is, also, on sale now. It's a powerful, top-rated dialogue system used in Disco Elysium, Lake, Suzerain, and Jenny LeClue. This Dialogue System for Unity makes it easy to add interactive dialogue and quests to the game.

It's a complete, robust solution that includes a visual node-based editor, dialogue UIs, cutscenes, quest logs, save/load. The core is a lean, efficient conversation system. A large collection of included, optional add-ons makes it quick and easy to drop conversations into your project and integrate them with other assets. 


  • Dynamic, branching conversation trees
  • Barks and alerts
  • Cutscenes (audio, animation, etc.)
  • Cinemachine & Timeline integration
  • Quick Time Events (QTEs)
  • Quest system
  • Easy language localization
  • Save/load without scripting
  • Comprehensive documentation and tutorials
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