Technical Aspects of King's Bounty II

A Technical Art Director at 1C Entertainment Alexey Vlasov talked about the studio's recently released game King's Bounty II, discussed the character creation techniques they used, and shared some knowledge about procedurally generated environments.


Alexey Vlasov

Published on

Sep 18, 2021

Making Indoor & Outdoor Locations for a Video Game

An Environment Artist who worked on a narrative-driven game Tell Me Why Florian Potier told us about the production process behind making locations for the game, shared the workflow, and talked about being a part of a game developing team.


Florian Potier

Published on

Aug 24, 2021

Making a Metroidvania Game with Interesting Mechanics in Unreal Engine

The Director at QUARTOMUNDO Fernando Rabello talked about the studio's upcoming game The Light of the Darkness, told us how the game was born, and explained why they had to change the game engine several times.


Fernando Rabello

Published on

Aug 06, 2021

Depth Of Field in Unity for 2D Games With Semi-Transparent Sprites

The Co-Founder of The Sixth Hammer Dimitar Popov has shared the company's findings on setting up DoF Blur in 2D games, discussed the problems they faced, and how they overcame the challenges of this task.


Dimitar Popov

Published on

Aug 02, 2021

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