Game Developers Show Early Builds of Games Responding to GTA 6 Leak

The trend started to ridicule the "visuals are one of the first things done" comments.

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few days, you probably have already heard all about the absolutely massive GTA 6 leak that took place last Sunday courtesy of GTAForum user TeapotUberHacker. For context, the hacker managed to steal a file containing over 90 test build videos demonstrating early versions of the upcoming continuation of the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as GTA 5 and 6's source code, Rockstar's employee details, invoices, and contracts.

With the biggest leak in gaming history taking place right as we speak, it is no wonder that everyone started putting their two cents in and commenting on the leaked files themselves, laughing at Rockstar for having "awful graphics" in a game that was planned to be the studio's grand reveal, completely disregarding the fact that those videos were only test builds.

And while the majority of such people were simply sharing harmless jokes, some individuals decided to go hard on Rockstar and mock the studio, stating that the soon-to-be-released game "looks ass". One such post was made by a Twitter user known as Design4Mind317, who commented that "visuals are one of the first things done" in games:

Soon after the tweet had gone viral, developers, gamers, and artists all started ridiculing Design4Mind317, with Deep Field Games' CEO and Design Director Geoff Keene's response becoming a viral tweet in and of itself:

And soon after that, many Game Developers started showing early builds of their games, putting the final nail in the coffin of Design4Mind317's credibility. It is impossible to say who exactly started this trend, but the earliest tweets we could find were made by Sam Barlow, director of the short film Immortality, and the developers of Cult of the Lamb:

One more post was shared by Control’s Lead Designer Paul Ehreth, who was responsible for the game's "multiple awards for excellence in graphics":

And here are several more:

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