GTA V Being Played on an Original Game Boy

Learn how Grand Theft Auto V was started and played on a 33-year-old console.

A German Coder and Inventor Sebastian Staacks has managed to accomplish a seemingly impossible task, to start and run GTA V on an original Game Boy, created all the way back in 1989. Prior to that, Staacks had created a WiFi Game Boy cartridge, which allowed Sebastian to view and send text messages and access Wikipedia via a Game Boy. A few improvements later, the device was taught how to run AAA games at 20 FPS on the console.

The secret lies in using cloud-like techniques to accomplish the task. The game itself is streamed to the console's screen from a PC, while Sebastian is able to send inputs from the Game Boy to control the action. The technical side of this project is thoroughly explained in this write-up, published by the inventor.

"With this new demo, many other demos almost become obsolete. I can display anything and I can control anything that can be displayed on and controlled by my PC," comments Sebastian. "Of course, the interface and image are almost unusable this way, so some dedicated implementations might still be interesting. And also, I did not touch audio here, which unfortunately was a big oversight by me when designing this cartridge."

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