Gunman Contracts: A New Mobster-Themed Mod for Half-Life Alyx

Gunman Contracts, a new Half-Life: Alyx mod overhauls the game's visuals and turns it into a mobster-themed shooter.

A modmaker ANB_Seth has released a new fantastic mod that makes Haf-Life: Alyx unrecognizable, in a good way, of course. Meet Gunman Contracts, a mod that turns the game into a 1920s-looking shooter with new enemies and visuals. You play as an unknown gun-for-hire, tasked to find and save a missing woman believed to be in the hands of ruthless human traffickers. You will have to shoot your way through using only a pistol and your own agility. 


  • Human Enemies
  • Custom Sounds, Assets, and Gameplay
  • Two Maps: Firing Range + The Bar
  • Original Score
  • Guest Voice Actor: Skummeh
  • some models from the Mask Asset pack by HARRY101UK
  • the VZ61 Skorpion SMG Replacement model by METTLE MEEK
  • Enemy Sounds from Max Payne 2

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