Hand-Painted Normal Maps Made in Photoshop

The artist utilized Photoshop's Pencil tool to create small-sized Normal Maps for pistol models.

3D Environment and Prop Artist, known only as RUX, continues to demonstrate a rarely-used technique of creating Normal Maps with a brand-new project. For those unaware, the artist is known for hand-painting Normal Maps pixel-by-pixel using Photoshop's Pencil tool, along with some other tools, and using these small-sized hand-painted maps to texture 3D models made with 3ds Max. This time, the artist has unveiled four pistol models with hand-painted NMs that involved "no high poly work at all."

"I believe that with this small texture sizes you will always obtain better results by hand-painting NM's than baking from high to low. A very different story is for midpolys or highpolys, but for small textures, this works great!" commented the creator.

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