KAT Walk C2 VR Treadmill Kickstarter Campaign Wraps Up with Over $2M

In just a month, the startup managed to garner over $2 million. The shipment of the VR treadmill's new models will start in Q3 2022.

KAT VR has recently announced that it ended its latest Kickstarter for the VR treadmill KAT Walk C2. The campaign was launched just a month ago, and now the startup managed to garner $2,116,680 crowdfunded by 1,411 backers.

Like its predecessor, KAT Walk C, which launched on Kickstarter in 2020, the KAT Walk C2 allows users to walk in place using a special low-friction platform and play locomotion VR games using PC VR and PSVR, as well as Quest via Link or Air Link. The new model is said to provide 360° of "infinite and natural movement" and will allow users to run, jump, sprint, and crouch as well as kneel down, lean forward, and naturally backup and strafe. 

The developer also promises more comfortable and safe dedicated footwear that will provide a more natural experience of walking in VR as well as will be able to adapt to users' preferences.

Along with KAT Walk C2, KATVR introduced a more advanced version of the VR treadmill, KAT Walk C2+, which adds the sitting posture module, integrated haptics, and VR vehicle hub.

Both versions are currently available for pre-order and are set to ship in Q3 2022. KAT Walk C2 is priced at $1,299 and KAT Walk C2+ will cost $1,499.00.

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