LoopMe: 80% of Users Get Distracted While Playing Mobile Games

New research shows that 62% of people play mobile games, however, the majority of them are not involved in them and do it while watching TV, listening to music, or checking social media.

Research platform LoopMe has published a new report providing some insights into consumer sentiment regarding mobile gaming.

The firm conducted a survey of over 18 thousand people across the US, UK, and Singapore and found that 62% of respondents play games on their mobile phones or tablets. In Singapore this share was lower than average – 57%, in the US, it reached 64%, and in the UK, it was higher than average – 66%.

LoopMe also added that female mobile game players made up a larger share than male players across the three countries.

The research has also shown that 65% of respondents play mobile games at least twice a day and that 38% of gamers spend 1-2 hours a day playing mobile games, and other 38% play from 2 to over 5 hours a day.

However, while these figures are quite high, according to LoopMe's research, just a small part of gamers are really involved in playing. Just 1 in 5 users said that they are highly attentive while playing games.

The majority of respondents (43%) admitted that they usually watch TV while playing games, and others replied that they listen to music (18%), check social media (15%), or listen to podcasts (4%).

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