Modder Adds Seamless Space Traveling to Starfield

It's cool but not perfect.

One of the major complaints I've seen about Starfield is a lack of space traveling: you move between planets using waypoints and loading screens and miss out on the fantastic feeling of traversing the universe.

But there is a workaround now thanks to the creator 105gun, who's made a mod called SlowerThanLight allowing you to enjoy (almost) seamless trips among the stars.

The mechanics are simple: you navigate your spaceship by controlling the speed gears via hotkeys. It sounds like what fans have been looking for, and it is, but it is not perfect yet. You can only travel between planets in the same system and you have to slow down when approaching the destination to let the planet load. Moreover, there may be some visual glitches when you're traveling.

105gun admits that "the implementation of this mod is rather crude" as there is no Creation Kit available at the moment. For now, SlowerThanLight is a "temporary alternative for those looking for an immersive or flying experience."

Image credit: Bethesda, 105gun

Earlier this month, we covered Starfield Script Extender (SFSE) – the "mod of all mods" that was meant to open a lot of doors for modders. And SlowerThanLight proves that it actually has as this mod is an SFSE plug-in. 

Despite its issues, SlowerThanLight is a huge leap for Starfield's modding community that might advance the game further very soon. 

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