New-Brand Conference Flaskcon is Announced

FlaskCon 2021 features speakers from around the world. Participants will attend talks, workshops, and chat sessions with a variety of Flask users.

The conference will take place from 1st till 4th of December, as an online event. The hosts invite all the creates who are interested in web dev, and all the fans of Python. 

The conference has the aim of exploring the Flask community itself. It's an opportunity to see the whole landscape of Flask and get a peek at new, cutting-edge features.

The conference is split into 3 parts: the first day will be fully dedicated to thought-provoking sessions mentored by PRO from the web dev industry, the second day the participants will take a deep dive into Flask app and AWS with in-depth workshops, the third day is chatting, finding your like-minded people, receiving advice and feedback from PROs. 

Among the huge number of topics the conference will also cover: 

  • Building Scalable APIs Using Flask and Docker
  • Making Location-Searchable Sites Using Geocoding and Elasticsearch
  • Testing Flask Applications with pytest
  • Building Secured Flask Apps
  • Improve the efficiency of your Flask app's frontend

You may see the full schedule here

You may, also, learn more about the conference on the official site

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