New Indie Games: July List

It's time for our monthly indie games digest! A couple of Metroidvanias in development and four independent projects that participate in this year's UE4 Dev Contest held by Disgusting Men and Epic Games.


Flynn: Son of Crimson is a beautiful 2D action platformer from Studio Thunderhorse that was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is going to be launched on Steam in 2020.

This is yet another action adventure in a magical world full of fantasy creatures, combat skills, and quests that unleashes your inner hero and explorer, – but let's be honest, we all love them. More than that, Flynn: Son of Crimson has a distinctive and catchy pixel art style, polished visual effects, hand-crafted locations, and a lovable furry companion Dex. And for fighters, there's a great variety of weapons and skills such as Crimson Axe and Blade, piercing dash, spiral drill attack, and elemental arrows. 

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The Metroidvania genre is timeless and inspires game developers to create new amazing worlds built around favorite game mechanics every year. Heart Forth, Alicia is another gem in the collection, "an ode to the classics" as Alonso Martin, the creator of the game, says. The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Xenogears, - if these titles are dear to your heart, Heart Forth, Alicia is a game to look forward to.

You will play as Alicia, a young wizard who's been raised on a sky island and discovers the world under the clouds for the first time. Forced to explore the unknown, Alicia will travel deep into foreign lands, learn the stories of the new folk, fight monsters with magic spells, and try to find her way back to the skies. 

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The next four games are the participants in this year's international contest for UE4 developers organized by Disgusting Men and Epic Games. Though we still know little about some of the projects, all of them look promising and deserve your attention and support (the full list of contestants can be found here). We wish the developers the best of luck!


Captains of the Winds is a sci-fi flight simulator with strategy and RPG elements developed by FSTR.Tech. The main objective of the game is to gain control over the territory by capturing the flying fortresses, managing resources, building new aircraft, and fighting.

From what we've seen in the first teaser, the game environments are going to be breathtaking. The game world concept is interesting: an alternative Earth of the XXII century that has never known the horrors of war, yet the civilization is destroyed by a long-forgotten catastrophe and the mystical flying castles are the only part of it left; the technologies have been lost, and for some reason, there are no adults, – only 10-12-year-old children.

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Odd-Meter describes INDIKA as "a very serious adventure set in an alternative Russia of the 19th century" inspired by Dostoevsky and Gogol. The game seems to be more like an interactive story with a lot of cutscenes and abstruse conversations, and the developers say they intend to make it "the dullest and most boring game in the history" while featuring an unusual and serious storyline.

Speaking of the story, you'll play as a young nun that has been accused of being possessed and excommunicated. On the way to the town, followed by an unknown horrible creature, the nun meets a religious ex-convict and together, they set off to find a saint old man who hides a miraculous artifact. Puzzling but intriguing.

By the way, the teaser is the first cutscene from the game.

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As Anoft says, Reflection is a first-person platformer for everyone. It's very simplistic: only you, music, and a tower on the horizon. A game doesn't have to be complex to draw attention, and this project proves it.

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Under Construction from Fatpalm Games is an isometric hack & slash game with a unique "sword-key" feature that will allow the player to solve puzzles and fight enemies while exploring a distant sci-fi planet and unraveling its story. Within it, the sword-key contains several smaller blades with different abilities that can be unlocked during the game. Another minimalistic and visually appealing project.

The developers are planning to release a prologue story on Steam later this year, so keep an eye on the news.

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