Procedural Shelf Generator Made In Houdini
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positional constraints over time as a space-time optimization problem in the tangent space of the curves driving the animation controls. Their method has the key properties that it allows for the manipulation of positions and orientations over time.

very good

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Procedural Shelf Generator Made In Houdini
5 June, 2019

We all know that Houdini is the best tool when it comes to optimizing times costs and building huge scenes for game worlds. The tool is all about the procedural way which allows to quickly generate infinite variations thanks to smart algorithms. Here’s another example of its power.

BitsAlive Game Studios shared a quick video demonstrating a shelf generator for their upcoming game A.D.A.M. in Unreal Engine that they made with Houdini. The tool allows the team to deal with repetitiveness and add details to scenes.

The studio pointed out that everything here can be controlled via parameters like object placement, rotation and size randomization, colors, number of shelves, and more, so the tool is not just about random chaos and unexpected results.

The thing is that the generator allows their artists to save time on placing things and helps them add infinite variations.

Don’t forget to share your own procedural experiments in the comments.

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