Real-Life Minecraft In XR With Oculus Quest 2 Passthrough

Check out a cool mixed reality experience made with Oculus and Unity by Alfio Lo Castro.

Alfio Lo Castro, team founder, game designer and lead programmer at Running Pixel, shared a look at a recent experiment with Oculus Passthrough. The developer recreated Minecraft in real life adding the ability to create and remove blocks. This mechanic was set up with the help of Unity and the passthrough feature of the Oculus/Meta Quest 2.

In case you missed the news, the passthrough featured was added back in July by the Oculus team giving creators a new way to build and test apps that seamlessly blend the real and virtual worlds. This mixed reality tool was originally released with the v31 SDK release.

Let's hope we get a full-color high-resolution camera as a part of the next headsets so that developers can create more cool experiences. Would you like to test this one? Share your thoughts in the comments. Also, check out Running Pixel's website here.

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