Star Wars Fans Are Suing KOTOR 2 Developers Over Canceled DLC

Bring Restored Content to Switch or face the consequences.

Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment, Aspyr

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is an old but beloved game, and its fans were delighted when it came to Nintendo Switch last year. However, some of them are certainly not happy after Aspyr Media announced that the Restored Content DLC wouldn't be released. As a result, a group of players has filed a lawsuit against Aspyr and Saber Interactive requesting refunds.

Restored Content was initially a mod that restored some content cut from the game and fixed a bunch of bugs. Aspyr promised to include it in the Switch release as a DLC but canceled the plan in June, offering a selection of game keys to choose from instead.

Star Wars fans are passionate fellows and didn't want to settle for something like this, saying they wouldn't have bought KOTOR 2 if they had known Restored Content would be excluded. So now Aspyr and Saber Interactive have a lawsuit on their hands.

"Plaintiff felt completely duped and was upset because he had relied on Defendants’ representations that the Restored Content DLC would be released for KOTOR," says the document (via Dexerto). 

"In fact, Plaintiff did not even play KOTOR after purchasing it, instead choosing to wait until the Restored Content DLC was released."

The companies need to respond to the accusations by October 4. I think there is a good chance they will offer refunds and be done with it – something any studio should do when it doesn't deliver what it has promised. On the other hand, this might set a dangerous precedent that would lead to much more legal action in the future.

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