Streamer Beats All Main Assassin’s Creed Games Without Taking Damage

It took Hayete Bahadori 8 months to finish them all.

No damage runs have become a sign of mastery over games. Streamer Hayete Bahadori has proven his by completing all 12 main Assassin’s Creed games in 8 months. The last part of Valhalla and at the same time the last video in the series came out in April.

There were certain rules to Bahadori's runs: of course, the health bar could not fall below 100%. Also, from Brotherhood to Syndicate, all levels had to be 100% synchronized (so all the objectives had to be completed), with no reloads. All the runs were played at the highest difficulty if they had them. The runs were also done without abusing any glitches. If he failed an objective, he would restart the entire run. If the series had scripted instances of damage, they didn’t count against his run. 

Such an impressive feat couldn't exist without preparation. On his first playthrough, Bahadori focused on identifying problem sections. On the second, he used an iterative process to find strategies that would help minimize or eliminate risk. The streamer also adapted some techniques from the speedrunning community.

Almost every game took about 100 hours to complete. Valhalla was the longest: it took 800 hours to complete due to the length of its main campaign, while Black Flag took 250 hours because of its RNG.

Bahadori wasn't just playing the games all this time, after all, he has a daytime job. He took breaks in order to prevent burnout and spend time with his daughter. 

The streamer said that his favorite title for the run was Odyssey because it didn’t force the player to take damage. His least favorite was Assassin’s Creed 1which was too “camera reliant” causing it to become “RNG heavy.” He thought that Unity had the best stealth gameplay, while Valhalla had the best combat. He said that Syndicate required the most restarts because of the number of bugs

Bahadori shared with Kotaku that he’s currently working on a no-damage run for God of War.

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