Unity Deals: Top Technical Stuff

Today we've gathered the top 3 tech assets that will ease your work on projects and games.

It's a powerful and user-friendly pathfinding system for Unity. This tool includes 16 examples and clear instructions so anyone can easily start using this toolset without struggling with technical settings.

The tool supports grid, navmesh, point, and hexagonal graphs. Automatic navmesh generation will save you from doing it manually, includes a single line of code for a pathfinding call, all the graphs can be saved to files. The toolset also has source code and supports updating graphs during runtime.

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Mesh Baker is a powerful toolkit of flexible non-destructive workflows for optimizing props and scenes. The developers have provided free step-by-step tutorials for users that are new to Mesh Baker.

Core features of this toolset: 

  • Supports URP, HDRP, Standard pipelines
  • Works with built-in and custom shaders
  • Create atlases for materials that use color tints
  • Supports props with multiple materials
  • Handles tiling textures
  • UVs, Normals, Tangents automatically adjusted
  • Lightmapping support


Also, here you may check out the free version of this tool. 

This is a high-quality and low-polygon 3D asset package provided by Tripolygon that has developed UModeler. All of the assets in the pack have been modeled with UModeler in Unity so they can be tweaked with UModeler very quickly without leaving Unity. 

Key features: 

  • 16 types of Low-poly 3D Models.
  • Full Demo Scene
  • All assets are provided with .FBX and .Prefab files.
  • Separate Unity packages for UModeler users. (With UModeler asset you can tweak the meshes immediately in Unity.)

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