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About Metacore

Metacore is a mobile game company based in both Helsinki and Berlin, building a portfolio of hit games. You probably know Metacore from their hit game Merge Mansion, launched in 2020, already entertaining over 50 million players worldwide.


In 2023, the team made EUR 162 million in revenue and is currently profitable. They have raised EUR 180 million in funding from Supercell and are one of their portfolio companies.

Metacore's Mission


The team's mission is to entertain hundreds of millions of people for decades – through their games, their ads, the game lore, events, and vibrant online communities. Metacore gladly accepts this challenge – all it takes is unparalleled creativity and truly out-of-ordinary ideas.

About Metacore's Games


The team's game development and live game operations have a solid player-first approach. When making big decisions, Metacore always utilizes data-driven player research and feedback.


The team creates games that entertain hundreds of millions of people – from hardcore fans to casual players, and even those who may not identify as players. They deliver creative, kooky storytelling and rich game lore that entertains our players and fan communities, much like their favorite binge shows and movies.

Metacore's Culture


Metacore believed that its culture of trust, psychological safety, and well-being is the key to their success. It helps the team navigate their competitive, fast-changing environment and reach for our ambitious mission.


Their daily work together is empowered by clear ownership, autonomy, and accountability. Metacore is inclusive, collaborative, and humble – and always aims to think “we” before “me.” Their passion for our respective crafts is enabled by their steady commitment to their well-being and the ability to truly be themselves.

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