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We are the makers of Substance. Our mission? To make the best tools for 3D texturing and material creation, and to put them into the hands of artists and creatives worldwide.

Substance 3D Painter has the tools you need to texture your 3D assets, from advanced brushes to Smart Materials that automatically adapt to your model. Breathe life into your art.


Adobe Substance 3D Designer

Substance 3D Designer is used across many industries and is at the center of most video game and visual effects material pipelines. Substance parametric materials are supported in most 3D creation tools and will integrate seamlessly into any workflow. Send your materials directly to Substance 3D Painter and Stager.

Designer comes with a rich node library to create your assets from scratch. Build upon and learn from thousands of materials from Substance 3D Assets and Substance 3D Community Assets.


Adobe Substance 3D assets

Digital Leather Workshop Selection

It’s a real leather digital shop from which you can pick materials to texture luggage, upholstery, and apparel products.



This packaging collection is a series of realistic high-quality 3D models for CPG.


Create your fashion photoshoot with these professional lighting and models (apparel, accessory, and leather goods)

Activewear meet sport equipment that will enhance detail and realism to convey performance.

Product Design
Design the next electronic product thanks to this industrial designers tool kit.

Showcase your goods in a beautiful retail environment, from the showroom to the large retail space, get shelves, display cabinets, and more

Easily import a reference photo and transform it into a high-quality 3D material with features powered by Adobe Sensei. Closely match the original real-life surface and create seamless tileable materials from your captures.

Combine multiple materials and parametric filters to create more advanced surfaces. Access thousands of materials on Substance 3D Assets and Substance 3D Community Assets. The possibilities are endless.


Adobe Substance 3D Plugins

Bring Substance into your workflow with light, easily tweakable, and dynamic texture files that allow for runtime modification thanks to custom-built integrations. The Substance format is readable in every tool of your 3D creation workflow.


Adobe Substance 3D Stager

Substance 3D Stager lets you make creative decisions in context. Refine and adjust your composition in real time. Visualize and edit advanced materials with complex lighting and shadows. (Stager is not yet available on Macs with Apple M1 chips.)

Build your realistic 3D scenes with quick and efficient smart tools. Block out shapes, snap elements, activate physics to avoid collisions between models, and generate simple lights.

Stager comes with models, materials, and lights to get started. Or explore and use the thousands of high-end assets made by our 3D experts and included with your Substance 3D Collection plan.


Adobe Substance 3DRecent articles

A Satisfying Look at Painting Sculptures with Gold in Substance 3D Painter

Jeryce Dianingana recently posted a behind-the-scenes video showcasing a pleasantly-looking texturing process.

A Stylized Mech Made Entirely With Substance 3D Software

The artist utilized Substance 3D Painter, Modeler, Stager, and Designer to create the piece.

Making an Italian-Style Greenhouse in Blender, UE5 & Substance 3D

Elena Mačiulaitytė told us about the workflow behind the Villa Maurogordato Winter Garden project, discussed the process of asset production, and shared how mentors at Vertex School helped her during her workflow.

Modeling & Texturing Assets for a Cozy Kitchen Scene

3D Artist Aurelia Maxima Häcker discussed the modeling and texturing processes behind the Kitchen Asset Pack project, shared the asset creation process, and explained how joining Vertex School helped in achieving the goal.

Realistic Iron Man Model Made With Unreal Engine 5

The project pays tribute to one of the artist's favorite movie characters.

A Juicy Fruit Salad Material Made in Substance 3D Designer & Unreal

This tasty-looking project was made by Johnny Malcolm.

Creating a Stylized Owl Girl in Maya, ZBrush & Substance 3D Painter

Luana Bueno has told us about the work process behind the Owl Girl project, shared some tips on hand-painting for beginners, and explained the importance of recording your workflow.

Making a Futuristic Renault R4 in Unreal Engine 5

Mohamed Amine Belcaid shared the workflow behind Project R4 and explained how the foliage was made.

A Lifelike Tiger Made With ZBrush, Substance 3D Painter & Houdini

This creature model was textured and groomed by GV Prashanth.

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