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Audiokinetic sets a new standard in audio production for interactive media and video games. The company is committed to sharing its expertise—including ground-breaking technology, unsurpassed services, and a revolutionary workflow—with the industry. Since introducing Wwise, Audiokinetic has continued to advance traditional audio and sound engine development by offering an integrated approach to interactive audio production. The product lineup includes Wwise and SoundSeed.



Wwise® is the most advanced, feature-rich interactive sound engine for games, bar none. Whether you’re an indie or a multi-million dollar production, Wwise will work for you.


Wwise features

  • Minimal dependency on programmers
  • Athor to multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Customizable layout lets you work efficiently in a variety of situations
  • Allows sound designers and composers to work independently
  • Multithreaded and platform-optimized
  • Easy integration into major game engines
  • Unity, Unreal 3, Unreal 4, CryEngine, Marmalade
  • Always innovating
  • Secondary Output Device
  • Most built-in effects
  • Most source plug-ins on the market
  • Dedicated resources to ensure rapid response
  • Custom development available
  • On-site support available
  • Source Code (sound engine) available with Level B and Level C licenses

"Working with Wwise has given us unparalleled control and flexibility in our creation of interactive music. Wwise’s music engine to us has become our defacto ‘DAW’ in creating our musical arrangements within the game, allowing us to create complex multi-layered scores that are completely reactive to gameplay."


SoundSeed is a family of interactive sound generators which tackle the specific challenges of game audio. SoundSeed synthesized sounds can be used alone or combined as a layer on top of other pre-recorded sounds to generate rich audio content.



  • Our synthesizers multiply the possible variations each single sound can create
  • SoundSeed Air allows a variety of wind and whoosh effects, with no source audio file
  • SoundSeed Impact lets you create huge variations from a single piece of source audio



  • Synth parameters attached to game parameters dynamically adapt your audio to your game conditions.
    For example, speed / distance to an object / elevation, driving audio parameters like frequency stretching, magnitude scaling or global deflector properties
    Dynamic variability increases player immersion



  • Realistic simulation of the world by combining real sources with appropriate variables
  • Cross-synthesis lets you create physically impossible and unique sounds
  • Ability to rapidly iterate and experiment, to create that perfect result



  • Very low CPU usage for synthesis
  • Minimal memory usage for synthesized sounds
  • Ability to have high variety in sound results from a single source asset
  • Lets you save CPU and memory budget to use higher bitrate assets and higher-quality effects elsewhere in the scene

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