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Animation and Visual Effects Studio

Kabum is located in Bari (Apulia, Italy) founded by Teresa Romano and Marco Testini. Kabum blends technology and storytelling to turn imagination into amazing audiovisual works through innovation and creativity.


  • Visual Effects & Animation
  • On-set Supervision
  • Direction and Design
  • Concept Art & Pre-Production
  • 3D Custom Asset
  • Influencer Marketing
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“We turn imagination into experience” is the slogan of Kabum Film Experience. The team creates innovative content taking advantage of the latest trends with integrations of 3D and 2D visual effects. Kabum offers the services of animation, VFX, and content production for short movies, ADVs, and video games. It has recently launched a B2B-only service of outsourcing to realize 3D custom assets optimized for AR, VR, and NFT.


Kabum believes in Internet’s potential as a medium for stories, ideas, and culture and embraces curiosity, innovation, and the highest standards. The company relies on a group of industry specialists as narrators, technicians, and artists. Most of them come from Kabum’s Discord server, which boasts a 600 artists community. Kabum overcomes technology, creativity, and innovation’s boundaries to offer not only memorable content but also unforgettable experiences.

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The team recently added a new service for the creation of Digital Humans such as their first one Vera Wise.

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About the project: 

Vera boasts fluidity and versatility that make it adaptable to any commercial proposal and attractive for any media. She can be an actress in a short film, a live streamer, a brand ambassador, an influencer for marketing campaigns, and a video game character. Her aesthetic will suit any platform. Her physicality is inspired by that of the Australian model Stefania Ferrario while her expressiveness and mimicry by the English model Cara Delevingne. The colors of her complexion, eyes, and hair are those of the Italian influencer Giulia Valentina. Her contents will present various easter eggs: in the photographs, in the case of the presence of reflective surfaces, the reflection of the creators, or, upon request, of any sponsors and partners will appear.

Her memories will be made with the aid of artificial intelligence and will be visible and salable as prints: they will be unique pieces and, as such, the recollection of the same memory will involve a distortion, just as occurs with human memories. Her appearance, however hyper-realistic, will present some sporadic glitches contributing to the suspension of disbelief process. Her story is procedural and will be influenced by the course of events: her hair will grow and her vision of the world will adapt to the historical-cultural context in which she lives.

You may find more artworks on the company's YouTube channel, and reach out to them on Discord and the official website.  

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