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Magic Media has studios and experts located around the world. From Ireland, Belgium, USA, Ukraine, Israel, and Estonia, to Brazil, Portugal, Moldova, Philippines, Greece, and Spain. The team is spread across the world, leveraging the best-in-industry talents across each aspect of creative and technical services.

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  • NFT Game Development 

    Magic Media is taking the lead in pioneering NFT game development. They offer industry-leading gaming solutions to deliver and develop your NFT-enabled game to the world. Through cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, they're on hand to help create a marketplace and enable the community to invest in art pieces, digital collectibles, and properties in your virtual world. 

  • Full-cycle game development 

    The team offers custom, full-cycle game development services. The expert teams can lead your project through all stages of full-cycle game development up to release and post-release support.

  • Real-time VFX

    The studio offers clients the highest quality Real-Time VFX which will help their game reach its full potential. As a leading Real-Time VFX service provider, Magic Media wants to push the limits of what is possible creatively and technically while maintaining competitive costs.

  • Game porting

    At Magic Media, the team offers full game porting services from consoles to mobile and even smart TV apps. In any direction you need, the expert teams will port your existing app over to its new platform using industry-leading technologies implementing the Unreal and Unity engines.

  • PC/Console Art

    The company offers full-scale coverage of all your PC/Console games art direction and design needs. The team is a conglomeration of experts and leaders in their field, providing only the best and highest quality results, covering any and all stages of art production. Taking your ideas to form on paper, they can move from creative concepts to sketches, all the way to 3D characters prepared for rigging, animation, and texturing.

  • Game Animation 

    Magic Media offers full 2D and 3D services for all your game animation outsourcing needs. With an expansive group of professionals and industry-leading experts, our team provides excellent quality and speedy delivery.

  • Cinematics Animation 

    Magic Media offers expert cinematics animation services for TV and Film projects. Characters truly come to life once they begin to move, and the animators will give them that life no matter how complex, nuanced, or extraordinary the character might be.

  • Video ads

    The teams focus on creating a compelling narrative and getting the most out of the creative process. The studio can build engaging and compelling ads in any format you need to deliver the brand messages you want.  Check out the video ads portfolio to see our work in action.

  • Cybersecurity

    Magic Media offers specialized and expert cybersecurity services for your digital applications and assets. The teams provide industry-leading penetration testing and cybersecurity services to create a safer online environment.

  • Cinematics VFX

    The team helps with full VFX coverage for any project you can think of. The expert teams can provide anything you may need once a physical effect is out of the question. 

  • Load testing

    The studio developed a comprehensive load testing service, ensuring your system is prepared for launch day. This is an integral piece of application preparation, ensuring continued and stable operation. Once load testing is complete, the specialists will inform you of where your system is struggling and how best to scale and prepare.

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