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A Toronto-based team of professional game developers with industry experience

The studio has been developing games together for over 6 years, working on both wholly original projects and established IPs. With that experience, the team knows what it takes to get a game out the door and has shipped multiple titles on mobile, PC, consoles, and proprietary hardware.

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  • Design


The designers have worked on everything from short and casual arcade-style games to lengthy and rich narrative adventures.

The Sleeping Giant team can assist you with:


  • Early prototyping and iteration

  • Level design

  • Game balancing

  • Game feel

  • Tools development and porting 


Sleeping Giant’s technical team works primarily in Unity and they're well-versed in creating custom tools and systems.

These include:


  • Gameplay and game flow systems

  • Animation and timeline-based tools

  • Localization systems

  • FMOD integration


They've also ported and optimized numerous games for PC, mobile, Switch, and console.

  • Concept Art and 2D


The 2D team has experience in both creating worlds from the ground up and further building out established IPs. The team also has expertise in the process of creating 2D assets for practical use in-engine. They can assist with:


  • Art direction and consultation

  • Worldbuilding

  • Character design

  • UI

  • Marketing and storefront assets

  • 3D Development and Level Art


The 3D team can use the tested and proven art pipeline to meet the needs of any production.

Working in and out of the engine, they can tackle:


  • Rig-ready character models

  • Arting up grey box levels

  • Large scale environments

  • Props and supporting assets

  • In-engine importing, set-up, and placement

  • Rigging and Animation


Whether it’s cinematics, rigs ready for mobile, or game-ready cycles, the animation team is ready to bring life to in-game worlds.

The team works in Maya and Spine to create:


  • Layered and adaptable animation cycles (2D and 3D)

  • Cutscene animation

  • Lip-syncs


Rigging-wise, they can handle:


  • Bipedal, quadrupedal, and fantastical character rigs

  • Cinematic quality rigs

  • 2D rigs

  • Mobile ready rigs

  • Importing and setup of rigs and animations inside of Unity

You may learn more about the services on the studio's official website and reach out to the team at contact@sleepinggiantgames.com.

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