Turtle Entertaiment is an esport company which helps to broadcast exciting virtual matches and tournaments. The company also works as a creative agency and the provider of ESL Technology tools.

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Discover how we create and promote gaming experiences. The modern culture of eSports offers gaming enthusiasts, fans and sponsors thrilling entertainment in an all-new, interactive environment.
Our global tournaments offer exciting highlights and daily content, which we broadcast directly to the fans at home. Inspired by their idols, young gamers visit our websites daily where they train and communicate – motivated to become the next eSport legend.

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Create amazing gaming events. From studio to trade fair size. Broadcast them live & globally.

  • World’s #1 portal for eSports. Develop industry leading matchmaking, anti-cheat technologies, scalable websites and game-integrations.
  • Include partners & products into our brand’s storyline & help with our 15+ year gaming experience.
  • World’s largest independent eSports followership. We understand, grow and entertain a highly attractive target group.

Global Market

Europe / America / Asia. Global company with local experts. Our headquarters in Cologne are the node of our international work. Core products such as our online platforms and the main TV studios are directed from here. Local subsidaries in North America, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and China, as well as partners in many countries create national highlights and first class local events. – See more at:

Creative Work


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We apply our experience as content / web / event creators as a creative agency, providing marketing services beyond eSport and gaming to our partners

ESL Technology: tools and services for game developers and publishers


Developed by the people behind the world’s leading eSports phenomenon, the ESL (Electronic Sports League), utilising all the background and know-how of running professional multiplayer game competitions and events. The technology behind ESL Matchmaking has already been used, tested and improved in countless demanding multiplayers matches. The SDK has been developed to allow game developers worldwide to implement it in their own multiplayer games.

Finding the right people to play with or against and handling all the complex technical aspects behind a successful and reliable player matchmaking process is essential to great and rewarding multiplayer gaming.

The experience of playing multiplayer online games, whether turn-based or real-time, can be extremely frustrating and painful without proper matchmaking – and in many cases players will stop playing a game because their expectations are not met.

ESL Matchmaking is a professional, comprehensive tool and service that takes care of all aspects needed for a perfect matchmaking that will ensure that a great game design is not ruined by a poor multiplayer experience.

ESL Matchmaking supports PC, consoles and mobile.

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