80 Level Ratings: Best YouTube Channels With Blender Tutorials

And we're back again with another compilation of YouTube channels where you can learn how to use Blender, a powerful free and open-source tool for 3D artists.

1) Blender Guru

Andrew Price is without a doubt a true Blender guru who can teach you how to use the app even if you are a total beginner. As a self-taught Blender artist who started off by watching tutorials and asking numerous questions online Andrew knows what a lost and confused Blender user really needs. Blender Guru's tutorials cover nearly every essential topic you can think of. Do you not know how to model? Does rendering sound like a pain? Are geometry nodes something you keep avoiding because it sounds intimidating? Andrew Price explains all this and more in an easy-to-understand, engaging way demonstrating and commenting on every step of the working process in Blender.

2) Polygon Runway

Roman Klčo is a designer and illustrator with over 10 years of experience in the 3D industry. The artist creates stunning isometric designs in Blender and makes breakdown videos showing the process of working on them step by step. The "How I Made" videos don't have a voiceover so you only see a screen recording of the artist's workflow in Blender, while in the "Tutorial" videos Roman explains the process of designing cute little props and environments by giving an in-depth explanation of every step and commenting on what every tool and function is supposed to do. If you are a beginner, tutorials from Polygon Runway might be a bit challenging to follow so they would be a great choice for someone who knows a bit about Blender and would like to experiment with isometric art.

3) Grant Abbitt

Grant is an artist, filmmaker, and teacher who is mostly focused on 3D graphics, 2D art, and animations. On the artist's YouTube channel, you will find an overwhelming amount of all sorts of tutorials on Blender. Even if you've never even opened the app before and the only thing you know about it is that it's a popular 3D art tool, you will be able to figure out how to do amazing things in Blender with Grant's lessons. First and foremost, Grant Abbitt has a series of videos called "Get Good at Blender" where you follow very basic tutorials and thus complete beginner-level exercises that allow you to understand the core features of the software. There are also multiple follow-along tutorials where you learn to create props and characters from scratch and plenty of videos on designing game assets in Blender.

4) Ducky 3D 

Nathan Duck is a graphic designer and a 3D artist who mostly makes tutorials for beginners. Nathan's videos would be a perfect choice for those who are planning to use Blender to create beautiful visuals and learn more about making movie-ready VFX. Ducky 3D's tutorials are going to be especially useful for you if you are into the whole neon/glowy/futuristic aesthetic. You can also find a good amount of useful videos illustrating how to use Blender's essential tools and features like geometry nodes, Material Builder, and shaders. With Nathan's clear, concise, straight-to-the-point tutorials you can learn how to create awesome visuals like Stranger Things- or Cyberpunk-inspired neon texts, glowing plasma balls, and more.

5) William Landgren

William is an incredibly talented 14-year-old artist who creates urban environments, robots, vehicles, and other beautiful pieces in Blender. William's channel is relatively new but you can find useful tutorials on animating and rendering your artworks in Blender as well as view the artist's watch-me-create live streams. The videos might not be the best choice for those Blender users who are just starting to learn how to use the software but if you are an advanced artist who is looking for tutorials on how to create ultrarealistic cinematic animations, William's videos will be a great source of information for you.

6) Chipp Walters

Chipp is an experienced Industrial Designer who's done concept designs for Apple, Sony, and NASA. Now, the artist creates Blender tools for designers and makes YouTube tutorials. You will find tons of amazing guides on how to make incredible props in Blender from outlining the base of your design to finalizing it to achieve an appealing, realistic look. With Chipp's tutorials, you will learn how to use KIT OPS for hard surface modeling as there are numerous tutorials on creating props using this free kitbashing system for Blender. Chipp Walters has a few beginner-friendly videos to help you understand the basics of working in Blender though the rest of the tutorials might be a little too much to handle if you've just started using the software.

7) CG Geek

Whether you want to use Blender to animate, or design unique 3D characters, or make realistic environments, or create awesome props, Steve Lund has every tutorial you might need. This is one of the most versatile YouTube channels with Blender tutorials and it's beginner-friendly, too. Stylized low-poly art? Got you. Mind-blowing VFX? Right here. Hyperrealistic landscapes? There you go. Steve has both short and long, detailed tutorials that can help you learn how to use Blender for multiple different types of 3D art. You can start off by watching the artist's Beginner Tutorial Series and slowly move on to a bit more challenging tutorials (like the one on creating low-poly vehicles) and go all the way to making cinematic VFX in Blender.

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  • Anonymous user

    Ian Hubert?


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·
  • Anonymous user

    No offense to anyone who has gained massive knowledge from the donut tutorial guy but I always find his videos to be long winded and large on fluff but low on actual info. Taking 20-30 minutes to share tips you could learn other places in literally 2 minutes. My first advice to someone learning Blender is usually DON’T spend your time on that donut tutorial. At the center of it is a black hole of your life force you will not get back.

    Jan’s “Daily Blender Secrets” are great though!


    Anonymous user

    ·4 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    What about Polyfjord, Curtis Holt, Ryan King, Blender Daily, Blender Secrets, CrossMind Studio, Bbbn19, PixelTrain, CgBoost to name a few and of course Ian Hubert and ErinDale???


    Anonymous user

    ·7 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Unfortunately I strongly disagree with this list, these channels are good but there are tons of far better quality tutorial producing channels on YT, next time maybe do a voting and ask people to share their opinion.


    Anonymous user

    ·10 months ago·

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