Adobe Launches After Effects 24.0

The update introduces the Next-Gen Roto Brush, an AI-powered rotoscoping tool, new OCIO effects, and other features.

Adobe has released After Effects 24.0, which brings several interesting features. The update introduces the Next-Gen Roto Brush, now equipped with an innovative AI model. This cutting-edge technology enables faster and more accurate extraction of objects from footage, significantly reducing the need for corrections. With this advanced tool, you can effortlessly refine your results to achieve impeccable composites, even when dealing with overlapping objects or challenging footage, including hair and transparencies. Enjoy enhanced efficiency and precision in your masking workflow for seamless and visually stunning compositions.

Image credit: Adobe

There were also OpenColorIO workflow enhancements. Now you can experience enhanced workflow capabilities with OpenColorIO in After Effects. It allows you to discover the new OCIO Look Transform and OCIO CDL Transform effects, conveniently located under the Color Correction category. These effects utilize the power of OpenColorIO to effectively process color in your projects. The best part is that you can utilize these effects without enabling OpenColorIO color management in your project, providing seamless integration and flexibility in your color correction process.

Image credit: Adobe

Some enhancements have been introduced with new scripting hooks for text and font manipulation. These powerful hooks are designed to mirror the functionality available in the After Effects UI, providing seamless integration with scripting capabilities.

In addition to extending the TextDocument object, two new objects have been introduced: Fonts Object, which grants access to comprehensive information about the font environment on your device, as well as enables you to retrieve a list of all available fonts and iterate through them effortlessly. The second one is Font Object, which offers detailed information about a specific font, including the font technology utilized. It helps disambiguate situations where multiple fonts with the same Postscript name are installed on the system, ensuring precise control and selection.

These new scripting hooks enhance your ability to manipulate text and fonts with ease, opening up a world of creative possibilities in your projects.

Image credit: Adobe

Additional features include

  • New support for HEVC and H264 hardware acceleration on Intel Discrete Graphics Cards: After Effects now boasts support for hardware decoding and encoding of H264/HEVC files on Intel Discrete Graphics (Intel Arc) cards. This enhancement significantly enhances the app's performance and efficiency, taking advantage of the capabilities of Intel hardware.
  • Hardware acceleration for R3D on Windows: In a continuous effort to improve functionality, GPU hardware decode acceleration has been added for RED's R3D raw format on Windows (already available for macOS). This GPU support is compatible with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs with a minimum of 6 GB of GPU memory, further enhancing performance and workflow capabilities.

Some other news on Adobe, during the Adobe MAX conference, it presented three new AI models: Firefly Image 2, Firefly Vector, and Firefly Design. If you want to learn more, check out our latest article.

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