ChatGPT Made a Law in Brazil

A new law in a Brazilian city has surprised many as it was secretly written by ChatGPT.

Image credit: Shutterstock / Juicy FOTO

The use of AI in creating laws has sparked debate over its reliability and potential consequences. Recently, one of the councilmen in Porto Alegre, Brazil shared that a law he proposed was actually written with the help of ChatGPT.

City lawmakers in Brazil passed an experimental ordinance, which unbeknownst to them, was written by an AI chatbot. Ramiro Rosário, the city councilman, shared this information, saying that he had asked OpenAI's ChatGPT to draft a proposal aimed at preventing the city from charging taxpayers for the replacement of stolen water consumption meters. This has sparked objections and raised some questions about the involvement of AI in shaping public policy.

Of course, as Rosário stated, the proposal wasn't fully designed by ChatGPT. Rosário provided a 49-word prompt to guide ChatGPT in crafting the proposal. However, he admitted that if he had said earlier that AI was involved in the process, the council would have likely disregarded the matter altogether.

"It would be unfair to the population to run the risk of the project not being approved simply because it was written by artificial intelligence," he stated.

Hamilton Sossmeier, the City Council President, didn't approve of Rosário's creative approach, saying that it should be regarded as a "dangerous precedent." However, later, Sossmeier admitted, "I started to read more in-depth and saw that, unfortunately, or fortunately, this is going to be a trend."

What do you think about the whole situation? Can ChatGPT be used in creating legislation or it's dangerous to trust such processes to AI?

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