Embracer's Phil Rogers Says That Despite Restructuring Their Vision Is Still Unchanged

Looking forward, hoping for the best, as they say.

Image credit: Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider

In a recent interview, Phil Rogers, Interim Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of the operating group of Crystal Dynamics and other Square Enix studios, talked about the current situation at Embracer Group. According to Rogers, the company's process of reviewing future games has had a positive impact, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among developers from different studios.

Speaking of titles, Rogers emphasized that Embracer's primary focus is on games that are enjoyable to play. He expressed his disagreement with the approach of other companies that prioritize only the biggest games, as he believes they may not always be the most interesting.

"First and foremost, we look at entertainment values. It has to be fun to play. I'm never a big fan of the 'fewer bigger, better' [approach]. Bigger games aren't always fun. I know how hard it is to make smaller games and to bring those entertainment values to bear from experience at Crystal when we started working on digital spin-outs of Lara Croft. For Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, that was a AAA team trying to make a game with much, much smaller budgets. So many teams are producing games today for much, much smaller budgets," says Rogers.

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When asked about what defines success for Embracer, Rogers acknowledged the challenge of answering that question at the moment, as the company is currently focused on restructuring. The process is still in its early stages, and further cuts, project closures, and even studio closures are anticipated in the coming months, although specific details were not disclosed.

"We have announced that we expect more restructuring and some more cancellations, potentially some more closures or management buyouts. That's the balance we've got to take internally… Because, as we say, the people cost is significant, and it's significant to us and we have to handle that always with that respect and integrity," shared Rogers.

Despite the challenges, Rogers emphasized that Embracer's long-term plans remain unchanged. He highlighted the company's strong foundation, profitable business, and expanding library of established franchises. Embracer is committed to its growth and continued success in the industry.

"We have fantastic people and many world-class IPs, and we aim to demonstrate the growing earnings power of this combination over time," concludes Rogers.

Previously, Embracer shared the report on Q2 net sales, demonstrating that the company saw a 13% increase in net sales, which amounted to $1.02 billion for the quarter, and stated that around 900 people were laid off during the restructuring program.

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