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Octane 2023.1 Is Out

The latest update of OctaneRender introduces fast-rendering "analytic lights", enhances the layer workflow, and provides the ability to apply post-processing effects such as fog, blur, and lens flares to renders.

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OctaneRender 2023.1, the latest version of the GPU production renderer by Otoy, introduces several new features. One notable addition is the Analytic Lights, which provides a fast approximation of direct light from large light sources on materials. These lights take into account the roughness of the material and the shape of the light source, with a maximum of 8 supported in a scene. 

Image credit: Otoy

The Composite texture in OctaneRender 2023.1 now supports adjustment layers, allowing users to fine-tune the composite at specific points in the layer stack. Color adjustment operations and utility operators can be applied to these adjustment layers, either processing the intermediate result or adjusting a specific layer's input. Layers can also be grouped into isolated or non-isolated (pass-through) groups.

The Output AOV compositor has seen improvements as well. New effects such as Blur, Curves, and a tone mapping solution have been implemented. The Output AOV nodes have been revamped to be layer-based, with the ability to add effect layers on top of render AOVs. This allows for more flexibility in post-processing, including tone mapping, LUTs, and OCIO view transforms.

Image credit: Otoy

OctaneRender 2023.1 also introduces fast post-media rendering, which includes features like fog, beams from light sources or sunlight, chromatic aberration, lens flare, and blur effects. These post-processing effects provide a noise-free way to enhance the final image without rendering additional samples.

Image credit: Otoy

Image credit: Otoy

Image credit: Otoy

Image credit: Otoy

In addition to these features, OctaneRender 2023.1 now supports animation time transforms, enabling plugins and standalone use cases to bring multiple animated files together and offset or scale their animation times. 

Overall, OctaneRender 2023.1 offers a range of enhancements and new capabilities for users to improve their rendering workflow and achieve more realistic and visually appealing results.

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