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This Godot 4 Plug-In Makes Generating Procedural Geometry Easier

Hoodie, a Godot Engine 4 plug-in that offers a visual scripting interface for generating procedural geometry, is now open-source.

Pietrangelo Califano, also known as GreenCrowDev, is a self-taught indie game and plug-in developer. Hoodie is not the first project he tried his hand at, but it sure is a big one that is finally out now.

Hoodie is a plug-in for Godot Engine 4 that offers a visual scripting interface for generating procedural geometry. As the developer explains, he was looking for a way to speed up asset production and avoid the constant awkward switch between the engine and 3D modeling software in cases when you have to edit the mesh. For example, if you're working on a racing game and need to design a race track, it'd be much more convenient if you could do it in the engine itself, instead of constantly going back and forth every time you find out you have to fine-tune a curve.

With Hoodie, you can model this track right inside your engine. Design Parametric mesh geometry using a visual scripting language and iterate quickly over changes: create algorithms with nodes and utilize parameters to customize and fine-tune the generated mesh for your own use cases.

Image Credits: Pietrangelo Califano, Hoodie

A generating procedural geometry plug-in is not an original idea, but there aren't any so far for Godot Engine 4. This project comes with a comprehensive guide on GitHub and also has a series of dedicated video devlogs that you can watch below to learn more about Hoodie:

If you are interested in Godot Engine, we recommend checking another free and open-sourced toolkit for creating 2D metroidvania games by Tomasz Chabora. Another super convenient one is this editor plug-in that shows a picture-in-picture style preview when selecting a 2D or 3D camera by Anthony Cossins.

There's also a very curious high-performance, editable terrain system for Godot Engine 4 made by Cory Petkovsek that you might find useful in your work:

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