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2019 Joker Movie Imagined as an Open-World Game in UE5

Check out a new awesome game prototype from the TeaserPlay team.

In light of Joker: Folie à Deux, a.k.a. Joker 2, receiving a brand-new trailer, TeaserPlay, a team known for their creative reimaginings of movies, cartoons, and TV series as video games, has unveiled a brand-new game prototype that transforms the first Joker movie into an open-world gaming experience.

Perfectly translating the film's grim neo-noir aesthetic into a gaming context, the team's prototype presents numerous iconic scenes from Joker, offering a new perspective on Arthur Fleck's descent.

From the protagonist's melancholic walks to the subway sequence, the legendary stairs dance, Joker's memorable appearance on Murray Franklin's show, the film's ending – all these moments and more have been intricately reimagined as gameplay experiences within a photorealistic digital rendition of Gotham City. True to form, the team utilized Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 to bring their latest prototype to life.

Previously, TeaserPlay has also imagined something that we've all been waiting for years – a AAA open-world RPG set in the Shrek universe:

And prior to that, the team showcased their vision for Star Wars: The Mandalorian, an enigmatic game rumored to be in development at some AAA gamedev studio, imagining it as an Earth-sized open-world title with the ability to leave the planet at any time and quickly move to its other parts:

You can find all these projects and more by visiting the official TeaserPlay YouTube channel.

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