AR Cooking Proof of Concept Saves Time and Effort in the Kitchen

Created by Lauren Cason.

Cooking is a form of art, which can be taxing for some. To help with this complicated task, Creative Technologist Lauren Cason presented a proof of concept for AR baking. 

Proposed at the end of 2021, it remains relevant for many today, showing how augmented reality glasses could be practically useful.

Using the Next Generation Spectacles, Cason demonstrated how easily you could bring up the recipe of whatever you're making, see how much of the ingredients you need, keep an eye on the timer, and a lot more.

"I don’t want something that is gamifying my baking experience, I don’t want recipes to be permanently anchored to particular locations the way a book would be, and I don’t want 3D pie visualizations. I want the least amount of pixels being rendered in my visual field that in turn reduce the most friction in the process." 

The tool could be especially useful for beginner cooks providing a simple and comfortable way of preparing food. On the other hand, wearing glasses in the kitchen might not be something you'd like to do, and following traditional books may be a better path for some.

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