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Autodesk Upsets 3D Artists by Introducing an AI For Generating 3D Models

"Wait you know what your customers do for a living right?"

Following the troubling trend of disregarding the community's wishes and opinions in order to push the AI agenda, 3ds Max and Maya developer Autodesk has rolled out its new AI for generating 3D models, upsetting dozens of Digital Artists.

Dubbed Project Bernini, the AI allows users to generate 3D shapes from various inputs, including a single 2D image, multiple images depicting different perspectives of an object, point clouds, voxels, and text. According to Autodesk, this newly introduced model is just one of many generative AIs the company is working on, aiming to cater to various use cases across architecture, product design, and entertainment.

Much like any other generative AI announcement made by developers of tools popular within the 3D community, Bernini was instantly ratioed on social media, with numerous Digital Artists condemning Autodesk's AI initiative as "insulting" and "disgusting":

Others jokingly viewed the announcement as a great advertisement for Blender:

And, as is customary when it comes to any generative AI, many wondered how exactly the model was trained:

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Comments 1

  • Anonymous user

    It was inevitable.
    Like fighting the freaking tide.
    Very disappointing.
    But look on the federal copyright law site under Fair Use, then look for Transformative Value.
    This is the argument the AI industry is using to take any data they can get their hands on and use legally.
    Whether it is copyrighted or not.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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