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AutoPod: Automatic Editing for Video Podcasts in Adobe Premiere Pro

Save time and effort with this pack of plug-ins.

Check out AutoPod, a suite of Adobe Premiere Pro tools for automatic editing of video podcasts and shows. It offers three plug-ins to save you time and effort.

Multi-Camera Editor

The tool automatically edits multi-camera sequences, working with up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones. It works for solo shots, two shots, three shots, four shots, and wide shots. It can be customized to work with any editing method, including standard cutting, multi-cam, or enable/disable. It can also increase the frequency of wide shots and save the presets you consistently use.

Social Clip Creator

This plug-in automatically creates 1920x1080, 1080x1350, and 1080x1920 clips for social networks. Additionally, it creates a new sequence based on an in/out point and resizes the sequence settings and footage sizes based on the selected aspect ratio. You can also add auto-reframe, watermarks, and endpages.

Jump Cut Editor

The tool automatically creates jump cuts based on silence, significantly speeding up workflows. You can input a decibel cutoff for your particular microphones and create cuts.

AutoPod requires Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 or a later version of Premiere 2022. It costs $29/month and offers a 30-day trial. Find it here and don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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