Capcom Celebrates the 8th Anniversary of Street Fighter 5 & Apologizes for a Bumpy Launch

"We are truly sorry," says the developer. 

Image credit: Capcom, Street Fighter V

Capcom recently took to Twitter to announce a big day – the 8th anniversary of Street Fighter 5, which was launched on February 16, 2016. Along with expressing their gratitude towards all players and sharing the common feeling of happiness, the developer also apologized for the past post-launch mistakes that the title had.

"Street Fighter V has celebrated its 8th anniversary since its release," the developer stated on Twitter. "From the beginning to the middle of the release, there were network issues, lack of content, etc... We are truly sorry for the content that did not meet the expectations of many of you."

Image credit: Capcom, Street Fighter V

If you take a look at Steam's reviews, you'll see that the overall feedback is mostly positive, with over 66% positive comments. However, recently the reviews have been turning into the "mixed" status.

When the game was launched back in 2016, it wasn't all that smooth. The seasoned players relatively enjoyed the gameplay, if we can say so, while it was hardly likable for newcomers because of the lack of content, server issues, and other problems.

While these issues were eventually resolved, the first time after the release was less than ideal, and Capcom perfectly knows about it and thanks people for sticking up with them and continuing to play Street Fighter 5.

"Thanks to you, the number of players playing Street Fighter V has increased significantly since Season 4. We still remember how happy we were. Even now, hundreds of thousands of people are playing Street Fighter V. We're really happy about this too," reads Capcom's statement. Above all, the most important point was that we were able to apply this reflection to Strike 6. We once again feel that the past eight years have been spent together with everyone."

Speaking of Street Fighter 6, in January, the game reached 3 million units sold, and it took the game 7 months to get to this number. 

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  • Anonymous user

    "We are sorry for the lack of content Street Fighter V had, that's why we are doing the same now with Street Fighter VI, but with shittier characters."
    Yes Capcon, you are very sorry, thanks.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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