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Check Out This 90s' Capcom-inspired Stylized Fighting Game

Drawing inspiration from Street Fighter IV and developed in tandem with some prominent esports players, Shot One Fighters aims to recreate the "Golden Age" of arcade-style fighting games in a modern format.

Set in a colorful sci-fi world, Shot One Fighters is a fighting game developed by Red Moon Workshop, a collective of ex-industry veterans united with a common goal: to bring back the spirit of 90s and early 2000s arcade games in a modern format.

Although the game is seemingly heavily inspired by Street Fighter IV, Captain Commando, and Capcom vs. SNK 2, there are no pixel art sprites and other retro graphics, on the contrary, the visuals are very stylized and resemble an anime style.

Take a look at some WIPs shared on the official game account below, starting with this newest very Bloody Roar-looking character:

And here are all the main characters:

Arthur Munoz joined the team as a combat animator and shared some incredible fighting animations:

To ensure that the competitive level supports the visual beauty of Shot One Fighters, the developers collaborated with some famous people in the fighting games community such as Justin Wong in the role of adviser:

The game has a Patreon and an active dedicated Discord channel with updates, fan art, and discussions for fellow game creators. We also encourage you to follow Shot One Fighters' X/Twitter account for more WIPs and other announcements.

Shot One Fighters

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