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This guide will help you unveil the boundless opportunities of integrating large language models (LLMs) into your favorite games.

If you've ever been curious about venturing into LLM modding, this comprehensive step-by-step guide created by Bloc is here to assist you. Whether you're a seasoned modder or a beginner, this Modding LLM Guide will provide you with the necessary tools and instructions to embark on your LLM modding journey.

Bloc, a talented Game Developer and Modder, has created several impressive mods using LLM. Some notable examples of Bloc's previous LLM-powered mods include enhancements for Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), and Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. These mods have garnered attention for their ability to elevate the gameplay experience.

The trend of modders adding AI NPCs to AAA games using tools like Inworld AI has gained attention in the gaming community. These virtual characters simulate realistic behaviors and interact with players, blurring the lines between single-player and multiplayer experiences.

AI NPCs enrich gameplay by creating a more immersive environment, offering dynamic encounters, and enhancing the overall realism of the game world. They also provide unique quests and adapt to player actions, influencing the game's narrative and mechanics. With advancements in AI technology, the integration of AI NPCs through modding has become a valuable way to expand and enhance the original gameplay experience of AAA games, promising even more exciting possibilities.

In this guide, modders will discover the possibilities of incorporating large language models (LLMs) into their favorite games. LLMs, which are a form of artificial intelligence, possess remarkable abilities to generate text, translate languages, and provide detailed answers to various inquiries. These LLMs have the potential to revolutionize the world of game modding, enabling modders to introduce fresh and imaginative gameplay experiences.

Rather than delving into a broad discussion of LLMs, this guide focuses on the practical aspects of utilizing LLMs in modding. It provides modders with essential knowledge on how to write their own mods that harness the power of LLMs. Key topics covered include selecting the most suitable LLM for a project, seamlessly integrating it into a mod, and troubleshooting common issues that may arise along the way. By following this guide, modders can embark on an exciting journey of creating LLM-enhanced mods for an enhanced gaming experience.

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The guide is divided into three sections to provide a comprehensive understanding of LLM modding

  1. LLM Modding 101: This section serves as an introductory primer, covering the essential concepts and prerequisites for LLM modding. It will provide an overview of LLMs, the necessary tools and resources, and key considerations for getting started.
  2. LLM Modding 201: Here, the focus shifts to exploring different types of LLMs and delving into their respective advantages and disadvantages. This section aims to give modders a deeper understanding of the various LLM options available and helps them make informed decisions based on their specific modding goals.
  3. LLM Modding 301: Building upon the previous sections, LLM Modding 301 provides detailed insights into architecture types and offers comprehensive information on well-known LLM types. This section also delves into the reasoning and logic behind these LLM types, providing modders with a more comprehensive understanding of how they operate.
  4. LLM Modding 401: The final section focuses primarily on utilizing Inworld, a popular LLM tool. It explores the pros and cons of using Inworld for LLM modding and provides step-by-step instructions on incorporating it into your modding projects.

By following these sections, modders will gain a strong foundation in LLM modding and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to create exciting and innovative mods using LLM technology.

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