Closer Look at Honest John from Disney's Pinocchio

Valentina Rosselli showed all the little details in the fox's model.

The tale of Pinocchio is old, but its renditions still appear occasionally. Last year, Disney released its live-action version of the famous story, showing off familiar characters in a new style. Now, we get to take a closer look at one of the most memorable antagonists in the film, a con artist fox Honest John.

Image credit: MPC, Disney

Image credit: MPC, Disney

Valentina Rosselli, Lead Texture and Lookdev Artist, shared some images of the model, and it looks more realistic than you might have thought. A lot of work has been poured into the character, and it shows in the tiniest details in his nose, eyes, tongue, and paws, created and then presented using Mari, Katana, RenderMan, and Mudbox.

Image credit: MPC, Disney

Image credit: MPC, Disney

"So happy to finally share our work on Honest John! Absolutely loved working on this character and what a team! Enjoy a few screenshots showcasing the sculpting, texture and lookdev work I did on his skin and fur!" Rosselli said on LinkedIn.

Image credit: MPC, Disney

Valentina is a master of her craft with several award nominations, including one for this exact character: she and her colleagues – Christophe Paradis, Jake Harrell, and Kyoungmin Kim – were nominated for the “Outstanding Animated Character in a Photoreal Feature" award at the 21st Annual Visual Effects Society Awards.

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