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Effortlessly Manipulate Object Visibility With This Blender Add-on

Blender tools creator EdenWeby 3D has presented Quick Vanish add-on, a simple and efficient way to make objects disappear within Blender with non-destructive workflow and customizable effects.

Quick Vanish is a Geometry Nodes-based add-on designed to seamlessly manipulate object visibility through intuitive controls located within the Modifiers tab. Just as it can effortlessly make objects disappear within Blender, it can also be used to make objects appear in a scene from nothing. No need for complex animations, simply adjust various sliders and parameters instead with complete control over the creative process.

The add-on offers a non-destructive workflow, as disappearing effects are applied as a modifier, leaving your original object untouched. Tweaking intuitive sliders directly in the Modifiers tab to control the disappearance process is perfect for real-time adjustments.

You can get started instantly with 10 pre-built disappearance effects utilizing noise textures and more. And while not directly animated within the add-on, the modified object remains fully animatable.

Image Credits: EdenWeby 3D, Quick Vanish

It's extremely simple to use:

  1. Install the Quick Object Vanish add-on
  2. Select your target object
  3. Go to the N-panel of Vanish Select Preset and Click Vanish Object
  4. Select Settings in the Modifiers tab, change the Vanish value to see the object vanish and Factor value to control the amount of vanish effect or grow effect

Image Credits: EdenWeby 3D, Quick Vanish

You can make objects fade away with a smooth transition, create dramatic disappearances with a burst of noise, simulate objects dissolving into particles, and much more.

Image Credits: EdenWeby 3D, Quick Vanish

Image Credits: EdenWeby 3D, Quick Vanish

Quick Vanish add-on supports Blender 3.2 and above and is available at Blender Market at $5.99.

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