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Highly Realistic 3D Animation That Looks Like a Video Recording

Raphael Rau unveiled a new photorealistic creation and shared some insights on how it was made.

3D Artist Raphael Rau continues his series of lifelike digital creations with a new hyperrealistic camera-footage-like CG animation depicting a Raspberry Pi 5 PCB under a magnifying glass. As explained by the artist, the animation was created using Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane Render with the help of the Render Network.

To create the magnifying glass effect, Raphael combined a vertex map to fog up the rim, a specular material with a 1.5 IOR, and chromatic aberration. For the sequence's smooth camera work, the secret lies in the artist replicating the setup in real life, recording a video with his phone, and then tracking that movement in 3D.

If you would like to see more of the artist's awesome photorealistic pieces, we highly encourage you to visit Raphael's Twitter and Instagram pages.

And for more in-depth knowledge, say a very warm welcome to Raphael's YouTube channel, filled to the brim with insightful tutorials on achieving photorealism in Cinema 4D and Blender.

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