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Impressive Soft-Body Simulation Achieved With UE5's Chaos Flesh

Hirokazu Yokohara has shared the results of a new experiment with Unreal Engine 5's Chaos Flesh system.

3D Artist and Generalist Hirokazu Yokohara, widely known for creating astonishing simulations and visual effects using various software, has recently delved into the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5's Chaos Flesh system, demonstrating an impressive simulation accomplished with it.

For those unaware, UE5's Chaos Flesh provides a real-time, high-quality simulation of deformable soft bodies directly within the software. The toolset supports the simulation of both Static and Skeletal Meshes, offering a wide range of parameters that give artists exceptional control over the final result.

In their latest experiment, Hirokazu utilized Chaos Flesh to create a great soft-body simulation, marking the first time the artist employed the system in question for such a task. "Looks like it's being developed with the aim of being able to use it for muscle simulation in the future, so I'm looking forward to it," commented the creator.

Earlier, Game Developer and Technical Artist Ev Schwab also experimented with Chaos Flesh, using it to recreate the meat cube from the 2008 UE3 tech demo in Unreal Engine 5:

And here are some insightful tutorials that offer a deeper dive into the system and explain how it can be used for your projects:

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Comments 2

  • Alamri Abdulelah

    How can I Install it at UE5
    Please I need Help


    Alamri Abdulelah

    ·25 days ago·
  • Digital Dynasty

    This is next level stuff. Crazy how far things have come.


    Digital Dynasty

    ·5 months ago·

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